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I do believe the notch on bevel gear shaft flange was cut so it could be removed and installed without removing the transmission(or moving it forward) as the bevel gear shaft will not clear the top shaft to get it out.Some would cut the top shaft at an angle too so the bevel gear shaft would clear.I have seen both.
Ok!! Now that all makes sense!! This machine actually had both of those modifications done. Having that top shaft cut on the angle actually made it a little easier for us to weasel the trans out of the machine. Despite it being cut on the angle, we still had to attach another chain and use a come-a-long to tip the front of the trans wayyy up so we could sneak that top shaft out of the hole in the face of the bevel gear compartment. I don't know if that shaft was shortened any, or if they just torched the tail end of it on an angle......but if in its original state it was any longer than it is now, those things must have really been a bear to get out of the machine!!! Thanks for that bit on info. We were all wondering what was up with that!!