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Thread: How turn off engine? D6 D318 - Stupid question of the year.

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    Default How turn off engine? D6 D318 - Stupid question of the year.

    Hello all, I'm almost embarrassed to ask, and I have read the operators manual, but is the D318 in my D6 supposed to shut down with the governor at the lowest point?

    After the normal load is removed from the engine allow it to idle five minutes with the governor control lever at half engine speed position before stopping. Move the governor control lever to the extreme forward position. Leave the diesel fuel tank valve open.
    I have had it shut down before after letting it idle, then sliding the governor to off/lowest point/most forward position, but most of the time I have to stall the engine in some manner. Am I not throwing the lever hard/forward enough? Or is this a case of a worn out governor? Or is this just the nature of the best? The fuel pressure is high up in the green.

    Thank you, and sorry if this is extremely stupid.

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    Certainly not a stupid question, thereís no shame in asking if you donít know.

    Most of the time on a U series tractor there is a distinct detent you have to push the throttle past. In other words push throttle ahead till you feel resistance, engine should be at slow idle now. Then give it a sharp shove on forwards, it should go past a detent and shut off.

    Hope this helps.

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    There is a "detent" that is at the lowest throttle setting. You should have to push the lever past the detent to shut off the fuel. If it stops running at the lowest throttle position then it needs to be adjusted to the correct rpm.
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    Default Governor Shutoff

    Hi Team,
    most times the detent can be hard enough to pass-by from the Low Idle to the Stop Position that the linkage seems to deflect if you push the Gov. lever forwards hard and so the engine does not shutoff.

    You often need to slightly Rev. the engine and then slam the lever forwards to have linkage momentum by-pass the detent--I recall as a light weight greenhorn Apprentice at The Dealer back in the day having trouble shutting off engines as I simply slid in the seat--slight rev and bang the lever forwards did the trick--especially D7E and D8H etc.

    Similar can happen that it takes a fair effort to get the Gov. lever to open the Gov. for a start--push forwards a bit and heave back past the detent.
    Eddie B.

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    Thank you guys. I appreciate your time and help.

    I kept trying to find some answers on my own, because I really didn't want to have to ask how to shut off my own machine, lol. Read and re-read that section of the manual thinking I was missing something.

    Found the detent, seems I was just being too gentle with the old girl. Its actually not the first time that's happened. Thought it was a hi/low transmission for the first day having it. Stiff transmission detents.

    Think the coming back to life after sitting 5 years is why at first I was able to get it to shut off. Fresh oil, crankcase breather cleaned, and some new fuel running through it now. I was having more and more troubles getting it to stall out. There have been a few "Oh geez, am I ever going to get this thing shut off" moments.

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