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Thread: cat D47U engine bearings required

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    Default cat D47U engine bearings required

    I am looking for a set of engine bearings for a Cat D47U 29000 crank is on 030 undersize at present so am looking for +040 or +050 or +050
    original part number for standard bearing
    Mains standard size 1 x 1H1547, 1 x 1H1546, 2 x 1H1545, 1 x 1H1544
    Miba part no 0706 H50

    Con rod bearing 4 x 9F8580 std
    Miba part no 0546 P40

    please contact
    Henry Price
    tel +44 1454 261798

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    There is a place in Seattle that will re-pour and machine bearings. I suspect that there would be someplace in the UK that would be capable of doing that. Antique car clubs and single cylinder clubs would probably have the information of availability. If you cant find anything in the UK, let us know and I will locate a number for the Seattle outfit. Good Luck. Grant.

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    There was a place in Puerto Rico called Mecanika Pedrosa, where I bought a couple of sets of D315 bearings around 10 years ago, but it seems he has retired or closed down. Was a great guy to do business with.
    His website no longer shows up in a google search.

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