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Thread: Scheming what to do about a D4 7U on Pender Island, BC

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    I have to play by the rules as I'm not just jockeying it down some country road patrolled by Enos Strait ya know? Not sure if you guys have been to British Columbia but it isnt exactly flat. I would have to take two major ferries, through the lower mainland (busy urban) and gain from around 200m (650 ft) to 1300m (4200ft) four different times on numerous 8% grades over about 800km. If I am negligent and cause a death I will go to jail and be sued for more than I will ever be able to pay so I've got to just stick to the book.


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    In addition to too many Cats I also have a boat project on a trailer. It is about a 15K total weight. I have moved it short distances on the level with my 3/4 ton Ford but but I used a local mobile home mover when it came home. If you can borrow/rent a trailer, a mobile home mover would be worth checking into. They pick up odd jobs to keep busy. Good Luck, Grant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mangoman View Post
    Thanks for the replies in helping me find a way to move the old girl. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this chart says that all I can tow with a 5th wheel trailer is 12,800lbs. I believe it says truck and trailer combined can be 20,000lb. My truck is a 2000 or 2001 (cant remember) F350 crew cab, single rear wheel, 4x4, 7.3L and 6spd manual.
    Yes GCW is 20k so subtracting your truck weight (actual) and trailer tare leaves you with payload. I think a D4 with blade is going to be more than your allowable payload if you figure 7k for the truck and 5k for the trailer. Someone here will correct this but I think your machine probably runs 12-14k and your payload allowed is only 8k (if the trailer tares at 5k - 13k-5k=8k).

    I totally hear you on staying legal. The fuzz around here only seem to care about Class 8, and a D4 on a 24' just doesn't look like much to them. At the same time, there's legal, and then there's safe which aren't necessarily the same thing - depending on conditions (as you say, tall hills, stop-go) even legal is not safe if not operated safely

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    In the conditions you described, as much of a pain as it would be, I would strip the parts I need and be done with it.
    Too much urban traffic and steep hills.

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