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Thread: Water in fuel #12 8t

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    Default Water in fuel #12 8t

    Took my 12 out to work today. Had at least a quart of water in my fuel. Can condensation produce this much in 30 days. No, tank was not full. 20 gallons only. Dumped it in 30 days ago. Fuel tower was full of water after roading it 4miles. I dumped it completely. Worked 200 yards and lost power again dumped tower again. So much water I parked her on a slope then took an hour break and came back and drained the main tank and more from the tower drain. To start had to crack lines to the injectors. Drained tower drain small amount twice more , then had good power. Is this condensation or did I buy some bad fuel? Fuel came from a high volume station.
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    Default No way !

    NO way, not possible... you are getting...purchasing...water??
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