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Thread: Wish I had somewhere to park this....

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    Default Excuses.

    Hi, Neil.
    Looks like yer've done gone and run right out of excuses now, Sir. The same thought that Jan expressed had also entered my head last night but I was too busy doin' other things to get to post it.

    Just my 0.02.
    You have a wonderful day. Best wishes.

    Deas Plant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wombat View Post
    Hey Jan I had the same brain fade until I realized if it is a 36A it is DD not TC, I don't see any TC air breather in the photo's. It is giving me goose bumps looking at it, because of virus lockdown I have not been able to go and inspect a 46A18000 series, potentially to purchase as a working toy, it is fitted with Bull Tilt Blade and two tyne rippers. The Dragon Lady knows nothing about my desire at the moment, I know I can expect serious blow back if I go ahead and buy it.
    Regards to all the fellow D8H lovers, Wombat
    Oops! It is a 36A and would not have the TQ! My bad! Thanks Neil for the "correcksion." With the few hours I have spent spent on a 36A between Glen's and Chum's, I really know very little about them. But the many hundred's of hours I have spent on a 46A clouds my thinking I'm afraid.

    As for the potential purchase, put a mask on and go take a look. Just leave your billfold back at the house. That way it won't cost you anything and you stay on the good side of the Dragon Lady!


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    That's very generous of you thanks Chum! I'm in a the middle of a building project which takes precedence and other irons in the fire, so that one's going to stay on the shelf for the time being. Plus the D2 is not fixing itself so that comes next : ) Hopefully a fan will pick it up.

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