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Thread: D2 diesel won't start

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    Default D2 diesel won't start

    Well, things keep getting worse with my D2! After brushing it down with diesel fuel to degrease the main engine and then pressure washing it with 1200psi water, I had a hard time getting it to start. Belched lots of white, gray and black smoke untill it finally started. Ran it about 20 minutes and parked it to finish cleaning and put the hood back on. Now, the diesel will not start at all. Just a very small of white smoke out the exhaust. It looked to me like no fuel. I cranked it with the pony with compression off. Fuel pressure gage was just into the green. I bled the fuel filter, looks ok. Bled the injector pump vents, got some fuel but not a real strong stream, pulsing a bit I assume due to the pump gears low speed. Cracked the lines to the injectors with the governor full on and got some fuel running out of the nut. The fuel looks clean and no air or water. I haven't taken an injector out yet. Shouldn't the pressure in the line to the injector be several hundred pounds and shooting a bunch of fuel? The rack moves about 1/4" from cutoff to full throttle. The rack can be easily moved by hand except at cutoff it will not move at all. HELP!

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    Your comment on the rack only moving 1/4 in. would indicate the rack is sticking. Should be considerably more movement then that. Check to see that the rack is traveling the full arc of the pump drive gears.

    The quantity of fuel pumped per stroke is small and cracking the nut pretty much kills the pressure.

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