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Thread: Odd Problem with acmoc Page

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    Default Odd Problem with acmoc Page

    This holiday weekend I was away at a friends house and was having a very hard time veiwing the board on their computer. I would go to and just as the page started to load, Internet explorer (the latest and greatest version) would shutdown and close right away. On the same computer I could check the weather, read the paper, email, and any other website but this one! At one point I signed into AOL on the same computer, (AOL browser) and I was able to view this board fine. I am just wondering what would have caused this problem? I wonder how many other people have had this problem, and if they did have this problem, they would never be able to get this far to post. The computer I was using was less than a year old Windows, and had the latest internet explorer as it was just updated a couple of days ago (tab browsing). Just thought I would give a heads up as it seemed very odd and I feel I am very good with computers...couldn't figure this out though!

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    Default Page closing

    I had the same problem with both Internet Explorer 6 and 7,when I changed to IE7 I thought that would be the end of it,no when I tried some sites IE would just close,the problem turned out to be an Add-on, once I disabled it no more closing,finding the Add-on was trial and error,to find the culprit I had to disable the Add-on's one by one,the Add-on's are found by clicking on tools, Manage Add-on's. Disable or enable Add-on's, when the last one is clicked a panel opens with a list of Add-on's, I started at the bottom disabling and enabling them one at a time and going back to the site it was closing on till I found the one causing the problem, once disabled no more closing,when I want to use the program that the Add-on was for it seems to work ok.

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    The main page uses Java which used to be built-in Internet Explorer until the government started persecuting Microsoft and forced them to not include all these handy little "helper" applications. Now you've got to go download each and every one for various web features. So, depending on whether or not the particular PC you're using is updated could have an effect. I wish I could get by without using any such components, but that's what makes the Internet go 'round!

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    In the "for what it's worth" department, I've begun using FireFox as a browser. It's a free download and it seems to have gotten rid of some of the problems that plague Internet Explorer. You might give it a try and see what you think.


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