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Thread: Timing marks for R5 4H785

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    Default Timing marks for R5 4H785

    I am looking for the timing marks for the timing magneto on my R5 with Eisemann CM-4. There is a 2" inspection hole on the right side. Since there is a crane on this machine, I can only look in this hole with a mirror. I do find a "Z" adjacent to a 3/4" hole and a "U" adjacent to the other 3/4" hole.

    I have an Operator's Instruction Book for my twenty-two, with a CM-4 . There is a mark on the rim of the crankshaft fan pulley marked "MAG" and the inspection hole on the magneto that show pointer and stationary mark on the magneto.

    I assume the process is the same for a R-5, but am unable to find the mark for the magneto on the flywheel.

    Bob K

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    There are 3 diff versions of the R5 and diff in all the first is common with a 35 second is common with 40 and last is common with RD6 . the 35 and forty book says cover is on left side of engine and the flywheel will have MAG stamped in it if you need the whole procedure let me know I can email you a scan of it

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    Hey Bob,

    Sounds like you are getting close on the R5. Just wanted to remind you of our show up in Lindsay this weekend. Gona have a Gas 65 there. Look forward to seeing you there. We have almost all our stuff up there.


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