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    Quote Originally Posted by adco View Post
    I think one of the mods requested this feature when we upgraded the board, but if it's turning out the be annoying then I can look into removing it.
    Megan, I know we talked about how annoying it was while beta testing. At that time, we were unable to reset the default. If we can do it now, then go ahead. It is quite bothersome.
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    Default Curser Shift

    Hi Megan,
    I believe this maybe what others are refering to. In my case the problem I highlighted is the only issue I have encountered to date.
    When I first type in my Title, then, I hit "Tab" to shift the curser to the main Box? the curser appears and is flashing on and off, I believe, to indicate it is loaded and ready for me to type in my text, but, the curser jumps back to the title box after several letters have been typed and appears to stay there until I realise what has happened and Tab it back to the main Box.
    Being a two finger typist I am watching the keyboard and do not notice the curser shift until I have typed a fair bit and then I curse the curser (LOL) as I delete the over run in the title box and reshift the curser to re-type what I just deleted.
    Hope this helps.
    Thank You again for your persistance.
    Eddie B.

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    I just had something realy strange happen this morning . Clicked on to disscussion board , scrolled down through the stickys And the first post was over 12 months old ??? down at the bottom of the page there were some posts 6 months old . It was like it was someones search results. The home page showed the lastest post ,but as i said ,the posts on the page were very old . Ian .

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    Okay that problem should be fixed now.

    ianoz: It sounds like you may have been seeing an old version of the site that your computer cached. It's unusual for it to be so VERY old, but I've heard of it happening before. Try clearing your cache and that may stop it from happening again. Here's an article with instructions for how to do that:'s-Cache
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    never seen it on other forums . . . !!!

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