ACMOC History

In the early 1990’s two very good friends, Marvin Fery and Dave Smith of Oregon, decided to form a club for collectors of old Caterpillar® machines, primarily to create an information exchange on where to find parts and information on older tractors. From their initiative, the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club (ACMOC) was born.

At the time, they had no idea just how many people around the world desired to be part of such an organization. Over the years, ACMOC’s membership has steadily increased to include thousands of members worldwide who all share a similar interest, the legacy of antique Caterpillar machinery.

Now based in Peoria, IL, ACMOC’s mission is to assist and educate its members, and the general public, to appreciate the historic role of Caterpillar machinery in shaping the world. ACMOC promotes the collection, preservation, restoration, display, and study of products and memorabilia of Caterpillar and its related predecessors.

Whether you own antique Caterpillar machinery, or simply have an interest in the history behind it, ACMOC offers something for everyone. Through our full-color magazine, shows, local chapters, and bulletin board, members enjoy camaraderie of shared interests.

Benefits of membership include:

  • The ACMOC magazine
  • Free classified advertising in magazine (up to 40 words)
  • Information exchanges relating to parts, services and literature.
  • Access to other ACMOC members, many of whom have several years experience with older machinery
  • Advance notice of new ACMOC merchandise including scale models, often with “members only” discounts
  • Website – featuring a “bulletin board,” ACMOC merchandise, archival information, photos from shows and member projects, ACMOC show schedule and much more

We hope that you decide to become a member of ACMOC and take advantage of these great benefits!

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