Serial number 4xxxxx, 1925 - 1926

The Caterpillar 5 ton was one of the original tractors in the Caterpillar lineup when the company was formed in 1925, along with the 2 TON and the 10 TON from HOLT and the model THIRTY and the model SIXTY from the Best line. The 5 TON came from the HOLT stable and was an updated version of the Holt T-29. The Holt T-29 had riveted track frames and was built in Stockton California, whereas the 5 TON was built in Peoria and had cast steel track frames.


Photograph courtesy of Galynn Ferris


Gas engine 4 cylinders 4 ¾ inch bore x 6 inch stroke.
33 D.H.P. (Drawbar Horse Power)
Weight 10,000 pounds.

Below is a list of machines made by year and serial number.

1924 43001 43044
1925 43045 43969 *****
1925 43970 44500

***** The serial number of the last HOLT 5 TON It is not known, neither is the first serial number of the Caterpillar 5 TON


Photograph courtesy of Galynn Ferris

The 5 TON did not survive long in the Caterpillar range as it was in direct competition with the THIRTY which was considered a more modern design.


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