Series 9M1-9M46, 1939

The D5 9M was the very first tractor to bear the designation D5 and is extremely rare.

The D5 9M is basically a J series D4 with the D4600 Diesel engine fitted and rated at 45 D.H.P.

It was not until 1967 that the designation D5 was used again on a track type tractor, this time the 81H (Direct Drive) and 83H (Power Shift) machines which were rated at 75 Drawbar Horsepower (DHP).

The picture below is of a genuine D5 9M (There are some which have been made from components salvaged from other machines) in preservation in the UK.

Cat D5 9M

Photograph courtesy John Gaunt


D5 9M Details

9M1 – 9M46
D4600 Engine 6 cylinders 4 1/4inch x 5 1/2inch bore / stroke.
45 D.H.P.

Below is a list of machines made by year and serial number.

1939 1 46

This is one of the rarest Caterpillar tractors and was built to a special US army order.


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