Series 1E1-1E2065, 1933 - 1936

The DIESEL FIFTY was a new model in the lineup.

Like most tractors of the period, the DIESEL FIFTY was made in two versions, narrow 60 inch (see below) and wide 74 inch gauge versions. DIESEL FIFTY was made in small numbers being replaced by the RD7 which was introduced in 1935.


Photograph above courtesy Paul Tofield, the late Robert Wilson in the seat.


The DIESEL FIFTY above belonged to UK manufacturer Ransomes Sims and Jefferies and was their demonstrator. It was subsequently sold to a UK farmer who them emigrated to Canada taking the DIESEL FIFTY with him. It has recently returned to the UK, see picture below, courtesy John Gaunt.


Production began in 1933 and continued until 1936 with only 2065 tractors being built.


D7700 Diesel engine 4 cylinders 5 1/8inch x 8 inch bore / stroke.
56 D.H.P.
Weight 19,425 lbs.

Below is a list of machines made by year and serial number.

Year 1E
1933 1 559
1934 560 1424
1935 1425 2062
1936 2063 2065

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