SERIES PT, 1928 - 1933

The Caterpillar TEN was introduced in 1928 and production ran until 1933. Those produced up to December 6th 1931 were finished in grey whilst those after this date were finished in Hi-Way Yellow. All model TEN tractors were produced in Peoria.

There were two widths or gauges, narrow at 37 inch and wide at 44 inch between track centers.


Narrow gauge Caterpillar TEN


Gas engine 4 cylinders 3 3/8 inch x 4 inch bore / stroke side valve
15 D.H.P. (Drawbar Horse Power)
Weight 4,420 pounds.

Below is a list of machines made by year and serial number.

Year PT
1928 1 7
1929 8 3173
1930 3174 4606
1931 4607 4751
1932 4752 4929
1933 4930 4932

A high clearance version was also manufactured. The extra clearance was achieved by a modified final drive casing with an extra gear and the crown wheel was reversed to drive the cross shaft in the opposite direction so allowing for the additional gear in the final drive.

A total of 397 high clearance TEN tractors were produced.


High clearance Caterpillar TEN


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