The Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club Australia Incorporated

Chapter 18. I.N. IA42261 in QLD, EST 2014

President & Merchandise officer: earl shanks  0419714255

VICE PRESIDENT: Arthur Osborne 0498367834

Secretary / Treasurer: Davyn Simpson 0407 131 971

Founding Member: lance jones 0427 844 187

June 2024

I take this opportunity to remind everyone to be aware of scammers. Some of us have been receiving scam emails, even from ourselves, supposedly! Anything that looks suspicious, probably is, so don’t click on links that are not normal or have our normal full addresses. Just be aware!

Chapter 18 Annual General Meeting and General Meeting

Hi to members and friends of Chapter 18 of ACMOC.

I’m writing to advise of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and general meeting. This year we have chosen a location a little different than normal. We hope the venue will be of interest to the majority and comfortable and informative to others.

Items on the agenda for the AGM include:-

  • Electing official and executive positions for the club
  • Choosing the membership dues for the coming year
  • A report from the President regarding ACMOC in the US
  • Choosing the events and venues going forward

Items on the agenda for the General Meeting include:

  • Calendars for the 2025 year
  • Other items for discussions members wish to raise

On the proposed calendar build for next year, we have two options. We will choose 12 photos, preferably of our antique Cat machines in action. We have secured two pictures for the present, however for this to be successful we need more, so start sending your photos in. If you have one to add to the mix for sorting, please bring it to the AGM or mail/email it to us prior.

As stated at an earlier meeting, no decision will be made until we have twelve pictures agreed to by members at a meeting. The general consensus on style (choosing a design that will enable manual printing on each day location to retain those memories or just lock in events etc.) will also be confirmed prior to printing.

Another option open is to wait on proposals from Chapter19. They are having discussions with ACMOC and their suppliers to obtain permission to print the regular calendars ACMOC provide, (if they do) under licence here in Australia. Though most of us feel we should have our own.

Annual Club Membership

Annual Chapter 18 Club membership parallels a financial year and falls due on the 1st of July each year. Cost of membership is determined at the AGM. Those wishing to send funds prior to the AGM, please feel free to do so and adjustments will be made at or after the AGM once members have voted on the 2024/2025 fees. That’s why it is important to come along and have your say.

AGM Venue

The Annual General and General meetings of our Chapter will be held at the Gatton Queensland Transport Museum, in the Bauhinia Room, 34 Lake Drive Gatton Queensland 4343. Complimentary tea and coffee will be provided throughout the meetings.

Meetings commence at 10am sharp on the 13th of July 2024. We look forward to seeing as many individuals as possible to discuss and decide items. For those wishing to look through the museum after the meeting, we have received a reduced admission fee of $6.

There is a café on site for your convenience with options for lunch.

ACMOC (US) membership renewals

As you may know, the Club in the US is in a major state of change to restructure into a more sustainable operating model.

One of the key initiatives is to drive members to renew directly on the ACMOC website, using a new ZOHO payment system that is super easy to use.

The other benefit of this model is that it stores the members credit card and automatically renews their membership on the 12-month anniversary of the original payment date. This continues until the member contacts the Club to opt-out or their credit card details change.

This will reduce the workload of the Club and Chapter secretaries to manually process and renew each year, using the GIFT or any other means, keep records and then follow up each year – which is great news!

As a result, the former quarterly renewal dates will no longer apply. Dates will be automatically calculated based on the ZOHO payment processing date. 

For a limited time, the Club has provided a special payment link for a secretary to renew on behalf of a member. This replaces the former GIFT membership process and makes life easier for the Club, however, the sooner members come on board with the process the better. Check out the simple “how-to” log on to the ACMOC site, input your details and make payment. Please provide some feedback if you experience difficulties.

General Information

 Payment options are cheque or electronic funds transfer, if not paid in person at a meeting.

  • Cheques - post to, The Secretary of Chapter 18, C/O 19 Georgia Way, Oakhurst 4650.

Make cheques payable to “The Antique Caterpillar Owners Club in Australia Inc” ‘not to the Secretary’!

  • Electronic funds transfer from your bank, the club account details are as follows:

“The Antique Caterpillar Owners in Australia” BSB 084-846 (NAB) Ac No Number 74-178-5108                     

A few pointers here:

1.         The information entered in the description (box/area) will appear on your statement and the Club’s statements. This should be what you are spending funds on i.e., Membership, models, calendars, donations (we love them!!).

2. In the Remitter area, this is you!!   Please put your surname first, initials next.

If you would like any pictures of your machines shared, either this local news or ACMOC, please forward all relevant details. This must include information such as, how and when you received the item, restoration details if any, SN numbers or SR details. Please keep it as brief as possible. If you have items you want to sell just let us know.

That is all for now, catch up soon.


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