Chapter 4 members met at the show grounds to talk about the nice weather and discuss plans for the year ahead.  At the meeting a few new members joined in to meet everyone and talk  about antique caterpillars.  During the meeting it was discussed about some past work on grounds and what was needed to get the show area cleaned up.  Members discussed their plans to attend shows coming up during the show season.  Also dates for workdays were set for June 19th, July 17th, and TBD July 18th.  These days will be used to get the grounds ready for show, machines serviced and in running order, and plan for show.  Some discussion was had on new machines either restored, with new homes, or being brought in for the show.  These pieces will be an increase from last show and will  be the best show since 2015 with numbers of machines in the dirt and working.  This years show will feature steam with another clubs Erie Steam Shovel working on site, a restored Bucyrus 41B Steam Dragline on site for its first show, many other draglines also on site working during the show.  Discussion was had on how we would like to setup the site during the show.  A few new pieces will be on site for the show that will  need some ground work done for future displays. The members enjoyed a quick meal and chatted about what has been going on in their shops.  

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