Chapter Thirty

Ian Club 22 Milang

Ian on the Club 22 - Trevor's in the background


Mark Club 22

Mark - Club 22

Despite the rain during the previous week, the event went ahead with perfect weather for both days. The event was well organized and had good attendance, particularly on Sunday.

PoP Display Trailer

PoP Crawlers

Club Twenty Two

Grant Harvey D2 Mundoora

Grant on his D2 3J

Nick Humphris Club 22

Nick on the club Twenty Two

Ian Wardle D6 Mundoora

Ian on his D6 9U

Merv Robinson Club Twenty Two Mundoora

Merv on the club Twenty Two

On Sunday 16th Oct we participated in the Peter Squire & David Molineux Memorial Tractor Pull. The day started well with a very moist track, but fine skies. That changed early afternoon with some showers, finalizing the tractor pull.

The club Twenty Two won it's class.

CH30 Display Trailer

Trevor's D2 5U

D6 and Display

Ian's D6 8U

Cats at Murray Bridge

Chapter 30 Cats on Display

CH30 Trailer

Allan, Trevor and Les at the Chapter 30 Trailer. To Top the weekend off the club Twenty Two won it's class again.

Ian D69U

Ian on his D69U

Grant Twins

Grant on his Twins

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