Chapter Thirty

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Bill on our Club Twenty Two

Grant and Jenny hosted Chapter 30 and visitors at Rusty Ridge on 2nd April 23.

The sun was shining and there were a variety of tractors to drive, from the club 22, to the twins and a D6.

Grant and his Twins

Ian Club 22 Milang

Ian on the Club 22 - Trevor's in the background


Mark Club 22

Mark - Club 22

Chapter 30 held a social get together at Ian and Anne's place (Thanks for your hospitality) on 3rd Dec 22.

It was a relaxed event that allowed members to catch up, spin a few yarns and generally enjoy one another's company whilst perusing the hosts collection which was out on display.

The weather was spot on and the BBQ seemed to hit the spot, leaving members quite content.

Ian and Anne D2


Despite the rain during the previous week, the event went ahead with perfect weather for both days. The event was well organized and had good attendance, particularly on Sunday.

PoP Display Trailer

PoP Crawlers

Club Twenty Two

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