Our Chapter all started on April 8th 2017, Martin Hicks our now Chapter President started the process of calling ACMOC members in the area months prior to our first gathering.  Once there was enough interested parties we got together on the 8th of April.  Martin gave a little presentation about ACMOC and explained that we had to put in an application in order to get chapter status.  The whole group was in favor and the paper work was filled out and filed.  We had 12 guys show up for the first get together.

ACMOC meeting 1












In addition to the paper work needed to get chapter status you also need a name.  We all wanted to Canada to be in the name as we are the first Canadian chapter, and we also wanted to identify our geographical location in Canada; the Prairies.  So we all settled on "Canadian Classic Prairie Crawlers" Two members Martin and Nathan attended the 2017 National Show in Santa Margarita to except our Chapter status, since our initial get together we have grown our chapter to 21 people, and have participated in many different shows in the area to represent ACMOC. banner

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