The Mole ploughing trio, D8 2U, D8K and D8 22A bringing up the rear.

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 There was an agricultural Cat working day near Tiptree, Essex CO5 9UH on Sunday the 13-september 2020.

The event included seven D8 tractors (2U, 13A, 2 x 14A, 2 x 22A and a D8K) plus a D2  on mole draining, ploughing and cultivating duties.

It is rare in the UK to find a D8 tractor at an agricultural working event but an almost full line is probably a one off !

  D8 2U with single leg mole plough.

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D8K with twin leg mole plough.

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Glasgow made D8H 22A with single leg mole plough.

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Peoria made D8 13A with Dowdswell plough.

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Peoria made D8 14A with Dowdswell plough.

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Glasgow made D8H series 22A Direct Drive with Vaderstad cultivator.

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Peoria made D8 14A also with Vaderstad cultivator.

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