Chapter 2 members attended the Working event organised by The LINK club on Sat 24 July 2021 at Russel Saywells.

Many interesting machines were working including this Trackson T7 shovel based on the D7 tractor.

IMG 1996 resized

 Other working machines included a 983 Traxcavator.

IMG 1993

and a nice Allis Chalmers HD10 with Baker blade.

IMG 2002

A D9 was also pushing although it looked like someone had used ADBLACK instead of ADBLUE !

IMG 1983 resized

Russel has some interesting creations in his collection including this D7 with D13000 (D8) engine.

IMG 1991

and this one with a D17000 engine

IMG 1977 Copy

A real rareity was this armoured D6 from WW2 (only 46 believed to have been made) awaiting restoration and bearing the serial number 1T5045

IMG 1950 3resized

IMG 1951 resized

The Equaliser spring was extra heavy duty to support the weight of all the armour plate, much of which had been removed.

IMG 1962 resized






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