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D2 Starting Engine Clutch Latches

16 years 3 months ago #8985 by NZCat
Hello Guys

'Bout 6 weeks ago I adjusted the starting clutch on my D2-5U so it stayed "snapped over". Now after six or so starts the pinion keeps "popping out" when I close the decompression lever for the main. If I hold the engagement lever up I can feel it trying to throw out as soon as any load goes on.

I've had a look through previous threads on this and also studied my servicemans guide.

Seems maybe I should try slacking of the clutch a notch (saw this in a previous thread), how does reducing the clutch snap help the pinion latches stay engaged ??)

Or I'm going to have to take the firewall off and have a look at the latches though the inspection plate - but can one really tell much from this exercise ??

Finally I have to drain ther coolant out soon when I remove the radiator to fit a hydraulic pack (I finally got a blade, angle and power tilt, can't wait to get that all fitted !!) so maybe I should lift the pony and take the whole assebly out and rebuilt it . . . are the parts such as latches etc readily avaliable from Cat ??

Cheers and thanks - Foster

Foster Price
Southland, NZ

D2-5U #10200

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16 years 3 months ago #8989 by SJ
Replied by SJ on topic Latches
It sounds very much like the latches only need adjusting & you need to get to the sleeve & remove the cotter pin from each screw slotted head & try turning each one in a full turn & see if that helps.Maybe go one more half turn if it still kicks out & if it doesn,t help probably the next thing is remove the the whole thing & go from there with new latches & possibly a stop.

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