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Other questions - 3J4086

16 years 7 months ago #9119 by neil
I should have asked these before. For D2 3J4086:
- what year was this tractor manufactured (and which plant?)
- what engine model would it have been built with, and what is the rated HP @ ? rpm
- what is low and high idle
- what oils are used (I think it's 30W everywhere except finals which take 80-90W)
- was it available with electric start for the starter motor?
- was the LaPlante Choat blade a factory option?
- anything else that you might like to pass on

Thanks in advance, Neil.


Pittsford, NY

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16 years 7 months ago #9123 by SJ
Replied by SJ on topic 3J Tractor
I don,t have the year made but they went in production in 1938 so it possible could be a early 40s tractor. The engine is a D3400 & the HP is 32 at 1525 full load. The high idle is about 1680 RPMs as high idle is 10% higher than full load.Low idle should be 550 RPMs. I can,t say what factory it was built in but guessing probably Peoria Illinois. The oils you mentioned sounds right & I believe the starters were optional (an attachment) back then according to a 7J D4 book of the same era so I,d think the D2 would be the same. Don,t know about the blade.

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