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Cat 922B Turbo

1 month 6 days ago #231357 by Dieselholic92
Cat 922B Turbo was created by Dieselholic92
Does anyone have a good used turbo for a 922B? Ziegler Cat, which had the ability to rebuild the injectors for my D6 2H, has absolutely nothing for parts and no way to rebuild it I was told. Am I better off trying to rebuild this one? I was thinking it would be more work than anything considering the condition of the exhaust housing.


D4 5T, D6 2H, D6 9U, D7 17A, No. 12 8T, 922B, 922B

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1 month 5 days ago #231373 by edb
Replied by edb on topic Cat 922B Turbo
you may need to seek out a company that reconditions turbo's. At the Dealer we used a local company that did specialized work including turbo overhaul--we got hot end shaft seal ring grooves built up and re-machined, center housing bearing and seal ring bores re-sleeved and so it went on.
They may be able to set you up with a later replacement turbo with little modification needed --the turbo charge pressure is a fairly low pressure on these old girls from new likely around the low 20" of mercury pressure--10 to12 psi. I stand to be corrected as my old Rack Setting Book only has the 922A specs.

Hope this helps.
Eddie B.

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1 month 4 days ago #231399 by trainzkid88
Replied by trainzkid88 on topic Cat 922B Turbo
as edb has suggested contact a turbo rebuiling joint they may be able to help you. especially if the turbo was made by garret, holeset, or one of the other well known companies.
a lot of cat parts like bearings and fittings were made or supplied for cat by other companies

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