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Virtual Chapters

2 months 1 week ago - 2 months 1 week ago #239529 by gauntjoh
Virtual Chapters was created by gauntjoh
For a couple of months now we have held "Chapter 2 Zoom Room" meetings here in the UK (although attendance is not limited to the UK), which have proved very popular with those attending. The next one is tomorrow, Wednesday 27th July (see post by Deebo).

Using the Zoom meeting technology, it is quite feasible to have "Virtual Chapters".
What I mean by this is chapters that are not tied to a particular geographical area, and could instead focus on say a particular machine or other topic.
For example, we could have the D2 / R2 (or perhaps R2-D2 for Star Wars enthusiasts !).chapter for all those members interested in and / or restoring D2 and R2 tractors.
We could also have a chapter focussed on models for example
ACMOC members could sign up to join the virtual chapter which would meet periodically (say every month) by zoom meeting. The chapter would have a leader or president who would arrange the zoom meetings (the ACMOC Zoom account could be used for this) and we could include Virtual Chapter reports in the magazine and have Virtual Chapter landing pages on the website.

I would like to throw this idea of Virtual Chapters open and if there is a positive response and a popular subject emerges I will help set this up and get it underway. Oh, it would greatly help if a few members would volunteer to become Virtual Chapter leaders as well !


John Gaunt, ACMOC President and Director, UK
Last edit: 2 months 1 week ago by gauntjoh.

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2 months 1 week ago #239539 by trainzkid88
Replied by trainzkid88 on topic Virtual Chapters
john, may the force be with you.

interesting idea and one that could work quite well, as yes many members are far from the meeting place of a physical chapter. and it allows members from all over to join in.
prehaps a monthly meeting on a different topic each time say this months topic is servicing/ rebuilding track gear, next month could be servicing/trouble shooting the injection system on early diesels now these are just hypothetical ideas.

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