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oil filters

17 years 1 month ago #2199 by beech35
oil filters was created by beech35
In the past people have discussed oil filters, some having bipass features and ect. If a filter is installed with out a bipass accidently will it cause an oil pressure problem. Lewis Mid. Mo. Burrrrrr:

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  • ag-mike
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17 years 1 month ago #2203 by ag-mike
Replied by ag-mike on topic oil filters
when a filter becomes clogged the oil will bypass it. if a oil cooler becomes clogged the oil will bypass it also. if one removes the oil cooler lines and plugs the filter base, it will bypass the plugs, but it has to build enough pressure to open its bypass piston. when you disconnect the oilcooler and want to plug the line fittings at the base its best to remove the oilcooler bypass piston and spring, OR or you can just loop the oilcooler line back into the base and leave the piston and spring alone. does this help.

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17 years 1 month ago #2210 by Old Magnet
Replied by Old Magnet on topic oil filters
Hi beech35,
I'll try and answer your questions without getting to long winded:D :D

The old style 2-element filters (washable screens) used one element (internal) to filter a small amount of oil that by-passed the lube distribution manifold and is returned to the sump. The other element (external) screens the oil going to the bearings. Other by-pass valves were used in case of a clogged filter or oil cooler.

The full flow conversion kit blocks off the by-pass flow going to the sump by changing the center stem bolt to one with no internal drilled passage. It also contains hardware to spring load/seal the ends of the filter cartridge and direct the filtered oil out the discharge.

If you put the cartridge filter in the old style can without the proper parts (seen many variations) oil pressure is still maintained, some oil will still be by-passed back to the sump and you get no filtration as the oil circulates around the ends of the cartridge without passing through the filter media.

Putting the cartridge in upside down in a full flow can has no effect.

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