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D4-7U Fuel Lifter Settings and Flywheel markings

1 week 6 days ago #248517 by Dirtbiker1824
Hello All, 
I feel the answer I'll get is a "No", but I'll ask regardless. After refurbishing and rebuilding my D4's fuel injection pump, I set all lifter heights back to they way they were when I took it apart (as measured from TDC of each lifter). Before painting, I'd like to put the pump back on the dozer and verify the heights are per spec, but my flywheel doesn't have any markings. According to the service manual the way to check TDC for each cylinder is to pull the rocker arms and intake valve springs so that the intake valves drop onto the pistons and you can place a dial indicator on the stems. Is there an easier way to do this? As I suspect no, why the intake valve and not exhaust valve? The ex. is the easiest to get to (last valve on the rocker arm pivot bar. How accurate would it be to set the heights off the engine - there is a procedure for this but I don't have the indexing plate to place on the camshaft. Does anyone happen to have the heights as measured from TDC of each lifter? Lastly, I've found one value for the lifter heights as 1.734 (ref. servicemans manual for fuel pump), but the servicemans manual for my D4's serial number lists 1.736. I was going to split the difference, but was wondering if it would be better to inject slightly early or slightly late. 

Sorry for the  stream of questions, but thanks in advance!
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1 week 3 days ago #248581 by trainzkid88
if i understand you right you want to spill time the engine.

so you need to find tdc on the compression stroke. that can be done fairly easy on most 4 stroke engines with a even number of cyl by watching the change over of the valves on the matching cylinder so on a 4 cyl with 1342 firing order you observe the change over on cyl4. there is always a cylinder doing the opposite stroke. but you need to be x degrees before TDC and have the pump delivering fuel.

if you knew what the degree measurement was you could mark tdc on the front pulley according to your chosen indication point(such as the flat of a nut or edge of the block) and then using a protractor find the degrees measurement and mark it then setting the pump to spill at that point. its actually a good idea to spill time a mechanical injection system as it allows you to adjust out wear in the injection pump drive

i havent got the manual for the engine itself infront of me so i couldnt tell you if this would work a more experienced hand possibly could. from what you describe using the valves that is what their doing any way except working off the top of the piston.

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1 week 3 days ago #248585 by rax200
This is the book you need for the d315 engine it show how to time the engine.

It is in the technical library 




1937 RD4 4G4368
1940 D4 7J3717
1942 D4 7J9915SP
1942 R4 6G2550SP
1944 D4 2T6584SP
1945 D4 2T8978SP
1946 D4 5T6271
1956 D4 7U37855
1954 DH226 S/N 89 Howard Tug
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1 week 1 day ago #248667 by trainzkid88
yes thats the book i was thinking of.
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1 week 1 day ago #248676 by PhilC
The book pointed out by Daryl confirms the information you have posted about finding top dead center. It also confirms 1.736 as the setting and not 1.734 although 2 thou is probably not going to make much difference..
As far as inlet or exhaust it should work with either but there may be a reason the manual says to use the inlet. Maybe you can't move the exhaust rocker far enough sideways?

Don't use TK's advice it is wrong for this situation. If you follow the instructions in the book you are compensating for timing gear train wear.

Also from what i have seen the engine specific book contains no more information than the D4;s service book

944A - Machine SN 43A2589 Engine SN 90A284
955K- Machine SN 71J3772 Engine SN 83Z0704
D6 SN's 4R732sp, 5R2724, 5R4832
D8 SN's 15A1254, 15A2287, 15A2723

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1 week 1 day ago #248683 by Dirtbiker1824
Thanks everyone, I did end up following the procedure from that manual. It took 2 days to get through everything, but I was able to re-establish the flywheel markings and set the lifters appropriately. I shot for the middle at 1.735 as the manual says the settings should be set to .001 of the target - figured that way I couldn't be wrong!
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