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D2 5U questions?

3 months 3 weeks ago #252378 by GrantJ
Replied by GrantJ on topic D2 5U questions?
JM, I say a short trailer because my property is mostly Fir and Pine forest. Maneuvering a typical low bed would be impossible anywhere near my toys. My place is like a Caterpillar version of an Elephant graveyard. At one point my brother and I had 13 Cats (mostly projects) and a few other toys. I have been slowly cutting it down. I gave a D4 Tracscavator to Garlic Pete several years ago. I have not seen him on the forum in a long time. Sold a parts 15 to a friend for yard art.

I actually dont have any photos of the tailseat D2. It just came out from under a dozen or more years under tarps. Maybe I will take some today. Getting them posted is another story

Its all fun, Grant.

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3 months 3 weeks ago #252382 by juiceman
Replied by juiceman on topic D2 5U questions?
No worries. I get it; I dread going some places, good and well expecting the worst. Some folks do not understand how much room we need to navigate.
My place(s) are becoming strewn with iron as well. Got to thin it out some before the scrap thieves think they have struck gold here!
I will hang on to my baby blanket and pacifier, anxiously waiting for some photos! JM

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3 months 3 weeks ago #252388 by trainzkid88
Replied by trainzkid88 on topic D2 5U questions?
yes a bloke i shared a house with learned that lesson the hard way. he didnt realise how far a semi trailer cuts when cornering when he was learning to drive a car he went to overtake and had to take evasive action rather quickly. luckily no damage was done but it gave him a fright.

while driving b doubles around town dad has had idiots try and overtake him on round-a-bouts they dont relise that centre tri-axle comes out and will put you in the weeds. 26 metres of truck & trailers at 64 tonnes its car vs immovable object.

but lets stop side tracking this thread. grant photos please so we can live vicariously through others. im tech minded and sometimes i have trouble uploading pics too. rax200 made a sticky tutorial post about uploading pictures to the forum. have a read of that.
where its fun is depending on which operating system you use and which device took the pictures apple works great with apple but doesn't play well with others. and every now and then microsoft does a major update to windows and rearranges things(why? it wasnt broken. why cant they leave it the way it was for yrs)

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