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Pony Carburetor

17 years 1 month ago #6145 by SHORTORDER
Pony Carburetor was created by SHORTORDER
This carburetor is eating my lunch. The first problem was I had someone work on it, that suposably had a working knowledge of carburetor repair. When I removed the carburetor from my D6, I found the bowl drain plug loose and leaking fuel and the main passage plug laying on the pony engine head. I got a repair kit and then attempted to repair the carburetor. I found the following problems in side the carburetor itself. The main seat jet for the float was froze and could not be removed. The well-metering seat was froze and could not be removed. One of the legs that the hinge pin goes through was eaten away at the top, so the float is held in place only by the one good leg. I measure the float drop and it was correct. I then cleaned all the passages, jets and seats by blowing them out with air and runing a small wire through them. I put the carburetor back together and put it on the D6. The engine starts and runs well. The problem is I have no control on the idli speed at all. At idli speed the engin runs at around 1800 rpms and at high idli speed around 3200 rpms. I can not recall where I read it at but if I recall correctly it should be aroud 850rpms. Screwing in or out on either the idli speed adjustment screw or the high speed adjustment screw has no effect on the engine. I also played with the idling speed control screw and it has no effect. Any recommendation on what to do next. The engine runs well enough to start the D6 with no problem. At this point all I can say is Help.

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17 years 1 month ago #6151 by SJ
Replied by SJ on topic Carb.
Maybe someone on here has a good used one that they,d part with so that might be your best route as it sounds yours is in pretty bad shape.

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17 years 1 month ago #6162 by ccjersey
Replied by ccjersey on topic Pony Carburetor
did you free up the governor? Take it loose from the throttle lever on the carburetor and work the throttle by hand? Back out on the idle speed screw all the way?

you can control the speed of the engine, the problem more often than not, is to get it to run at the low speed or pull the main engine at high speed:D

if closing the throttle doesn't slow it down, apply for a patent, you're sittin on a gold mine

D2-5J's, D6-9U's, D318 and D333 power units, 12E-99E grader, 922B & 944A wheel loaders, D330C generator set, DW20 water tanker and a bunch of Jersey cows to take care of in my spare time:D

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17 years 1 month ago #6737 by drujinin
Replied by drujinin on topic Speaking of Pony Carbs
Are there still rebuild kits available for D2-5J Pony Engines? Specifically I believe I need a new float with needle and seat.

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