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D2 Fuel Pressure Gauge pipe

17 years 1 month ago #6750 by NZCat
Hello Folks

Hmmm, I've been messin with my D2's fuel pressure gauge, and tonight I go out to the shed to find that several gallons of diesel are on the floor to cheer me up. Seems I must have split the pipe that feeds the pressure gauge. Neighbour (bless him) and I tried brazing it up, but its split along its lenght.

I'm sure I can get some new pipe in town, and probably the little olives, but how hard is it to make a new one of these pipes ?? Its the one that goes behind the filter tower, so it doesn't have much room for error. Mostly when I try plumbing with metal I seem to end up with to much tension in a joint somewhere and it leaks. My neighbour does have a pipe bender of about the right size so thats a start.

Any tricks, warnings or tips welcome.

Cheers - Foster

Foster Price
Southland, NZ

D2-5U #10200

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17 years 1 month ago #6751 by SJ
Replied by SJ on topic Tubing
At the shop all we ever used was the regular 1/4" copper tubing & it bends easy & holds up well but support it with clips in areas where you can bolt them fast.The Cat 1F1344 nut & the fitting to go with it clamps (crimps) the ferrule inside the fitting to the tubing as you tighten it up. If yours has the regular Cat straight fittings or elbows that go with the 1F1344 then all you need is the nuts & tubing unless someone installed other fittings over the years from an automotive supplier or hardware store.

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