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D2 Parts and Cat gauge wheels, tillage brackets, etc.

10 years 3 months ago #87489 by kevincj46
A year or more back I posted on this board for information on some Cat toolbars and brackets that my dad had farmed with. I got much info from several people. Several were interested in buying the brackets, gauge wheels, complete toolbars, and/or the pile of D2 engine parts (including and oil pan and front spring, two heads, many small engine and fuel system parts, and other items.)
Not a huge amount of money involved, but because the items were part of an estate, I could not get decisions from family members to sell or not.
We now want to sell this stuff and move it out. Rather than go ebay (which is probably more exposure and brings more money, but it is ebay and paypal costs and hassles.....) I would rather see them go to some enthusiasts who contribute and make this board work.
I would prefer to have one offer for all parts to one buyer, but will split up if that is more advantageous to the family.
Also have a vintage 1924 Buick power unit, 1930's Kohler gen set and some other 1920's and 1930's items.
Everything located SW Minnesota near Pipestone MN/Souix Falls SD.

I don't have emails for any of the people that contacted me. Anyone interested, please write me for a complete list of all items and pictures, and we can go from there.

Kevin j


- 2.25 square tool bar.
-Cat brackets are the later version with 7/8 inch clamp bolts
-Dozer bracket 8F3701 1.5 inch diameter vertical pin is there. 1.12 top pin, and 1.5 bottom pin holes,
but pins missing.
-Two 26.5 inch diameter 10 spoked steel wheels, (not Cat) mechanically adjustable height.
-Three 24 inch wing units and two 20 inch units. One or more broken?

-2.25 square tool bar
-Two Cat rubber gauge wheels and brackets with mechanically adjustable height 6x16 SL implement ribbed, bad tires.
-Cat brackets are the earlier version with 3/4 inch clamp bolts LMOAU 8F3 702 Bottom half 8F3718
-Dozer arm brackets: 8F3 701 to right O or OF or DF, trademark sharing lines. Below EAAU
-Dozer arm pin holes: Bottom pins are there, 1-1/2 diameter. Top pins 1-1/8, one top pin included, one pin missing. Vertical pins 1-1/2 diameter are there.
-Spring shanks 1 inch square stock.
-Three point mount added to toolbar, not Cat,

CAT PARTS D2 5U series 1952?? Write for complete list.
-Pan cast iron with dipstick and tube
-Front cross spring and (2) shackles. 14.12 pin to pin, 5 leaves
-(2) Heads. Both dirty and surface rusty. One had valve work, never installed. Both have casting
number 4F1588 inside. Told that these heads fit D311 engine, D2, 4u and 5u.
-(1) Headlight cast aluminum grille.

-Big engine parts: almost everything except engine block and crank. Covers, bolt on parts and linkages, fuel system, injectors and pump, castings, etc.

-Small engine parts: complete, disassembled, some are rusty. Two starting clutches. Magneto for small engine.

-1924? Buick 4 cylinder engine, transmission, radiator and misc mounted as power unit on a steel wheeled railroad dock freight cart. Turns over, stored inside 50 years
-Some parts for Ford Model A, 28-31.
-Kohler gen set, water cooled 4 cylinder about 1930, with radiator and gen. Turns over, has not run in 30 years.
-Magneto Fairbanks Morse FM X1-2B7 s/n 3439053 24t gear, rusty. 2 bolts, 4.25 c/c, 3.25 diam pilot
-Magneto Eisemann RC2H base mount, 2 bolts, 4.00 c/c. 2.94 diam pilot. 16t gear, rusty.
This is not D2, may have been for a much older tractor?
-John Deere planter Model 1250 6 X 30, looks decent, lots of extra parts, but assume for parts or salvage
-"Noble" 16 foot 6 x 30 row rear mount 3 point cultivator
-"Noble" 12 foot 3 point cultivator
-Band duals with brackets for 34 inch rims

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10 years 3 months ago #87495 by ag-mike

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10 years 3 months ago #87496 by Chuck C
Kevin, I would like to buy the 9'9" spring shank tool bar and all the part including the Cat gauge wheels Chuck C 847-508-7378

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