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5U D2 and a bunch of 5J parts

3 months 3 weeks ago #229454 by kenmcal
I am selling off all of my D2 stuff. 1 running D2 and 2 other d2's in parts. The compete D2 runs great everything works. There are enough parts to build another (lots of parts not shown) D2 and keep it running for years. $5000 for everything or will sell separate. $3000 for the running 5U and $2500 for the other 5J parts. There is 2 complete 5Js. Minus one cros over spring I used for my cat 22. If interested please call or text (208)547-7299   Soda SpringsLocation is approximate Seller Information Kenny McAliste

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3 months 3 weeks ago #229459 by Mike Meyer
Man o man, our inhouse computer Guru Ol Neil, has been looking for decent D2 undercarriage for years, only problem is he is about 30 hours drive east of you, BUT, he might be coming for a drive west later this year to attend Brooks...........

Neil, you were talking about making new track frames from scratch and converting D2 frames to D3 bottom rollers and chain, a clever fella like you with Mother on the gas axe, would have these old track frames neatly cut and extended to create a late model wide gauge D2 in no time, you could even go extra fancy with 5 bottom rollers! LOL

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