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WTB for Early L-PL Twenty. Gear Box Parts

1 month 3 weeks ago #231176 by Lance Jones
I am looking for the Oil splash Gear Assy or Parts thereof for the Early series Big Twenty.[L1 to L1328 and Pl 1 to1669 ] Gear is L1593 and bracket is L1595 and Shaft is L1602 and pin is L1602.. I found these absolutely minced up in Bottom of Box when Stripping for rebuild and Brgs. Gear has no Teeth left what so ever and only Found a Couple bits of Teeth in Amongst Watery Muck Oil that was in Box. My thoughts are some one Removed the 3/8 Plug in the Base of Housing and the retaining Pin fell out or was left Out and let the bracket work Loose and eventually break. The gears otherwise are in First class condition including Crown wheel and Pinion. The fact that this gear is completely RS did not stop unit working, it just slashed Oil up onto other Gears.. Can't use later set as the Housing is Cast Different and no retaining Pin.. Sure would appreciate any Help that someone could give Us.   LJ

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