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Cat Ten tailseat clutch lever

1 month 4 weeks ago #254956 by sandman
I'm trying figure the correct clutch lever for a tailseat Ten, the one that mounts on the side of the bell housing. Wally if you see this
give me call.

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1 month 4 weeks ago #254970 by Skinner
Here’s one. Skinner

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1 month 4 weeks ago #254979 by sandman
Thank you Skinner, Leroy (Oregon) helped me figure it out last night. I had the lever but thought it mounted aiming down
and rotated like the Fifteen. I see your tailseat is going to be a wide gauge nice project.

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1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #255004 by Catman
Sandman.. I Am Late to the Plate to Help You Out. I was Going to Post up Photos from Mrs Catman's Cat Collection (Your Cat 10 Tailseat from 20 years ago hehe.)

Sandman. Send my BEST Regards to Leroy. Tell Leroy we are working on His Cat 25 Wide Gauge TailSeat machine Barn Fresh Restoration. In Grey Earl Serial Number Machine.

Sandman. Myself and Snr Catman been talking about you today. We have recast and forged, machined, Gear Cut, heat treated ground all the missing half from the Early Bast 30 2 Speed back to CLB Blue print info where obtainable project. . New cast in Steel Spec Track pads. 4 spoke front Idlers and New Cast Cylinder (for the CLB Internal water Gallery Early CLB MOTOR).

Sandman. Catman Snr is getting a SPECAL ACID ETCHED BRASS PLATE Made with your Name on the Plate. To add as an Extra Brass Plate on the Fender. Thumbs UP. Also Special Brass Plates ( TAGS) With Tom Maddern and Leroy and Jon M. , Bob Stewart , Wally Adams and Bill M. plus a Dozzen other Names for there Special help and support. to help get rare antique pre 1936 machines shipped over to the CAT CAVE COLLECTION. Over 70 Imported Early BEST / HOLT / CATS at the Cat-Cave. Family Collection.

Sandman. I still have your 3 International T-20s and Early DERRING T-20 and Spare Engine and 2 Crates of New Old stock Parts. Shipped over from your place.

I received a Phone call from a Guy in Texas USA, Inquiring about Cat-Cave back to factory spec Brass Plates And Actually Mentioned (Sandman) by Real Name SMILE hence contacting myself on phone. Sandman Jnr Catman looking Forward to Proper fresh Peanut butter from Texax Ranch. Plus Fresh BEEF STEAKS being send over air mail FRESH as can be. inside a cool ice box at 36000 ft in cargo Fresh  Deal    For Sure 

Sandman. Looking forward to yourself Visiting the Cat-Cave HQ. for a week or two. Smile. I myself have Been Moulding Up Today and VENTING 4 Inlet Manifolds for Later Cat 30. Double Core Inlets. . Thinking Catman Covered in Sand LOL . Person in the Foundry Today Recommended I change my Social Media Name from Catman to Sandman. LOL SMILE. My Reply. CATMAN in the Sand LOL Smile Sandman in CA USA has that HANDLE. 

Last edit: 1 month 3 weeks ago by Catman.

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