Chapter Four

So why is this year a year to attend the Rock and Dirt show at the Rock River Thresheree?  Here is a glimpse of what you will find at this years show and much more!  See you at the show!

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Chapter 4 met for a workday on August 14th to get ready for the Rock River Thresheree.   A lot of credit goes to all the members hard work this year and during the slow time over the last year.  As show time gets closer the joys of seeing the progress is amazing,  this year is a great year to see the show and the new displays and operating equipment.  The Rock River Thresheree this year is featuring steam and you will find many pieces on each side of the park.  The members have done many projects from painting, planning, maintenance, rebuilding, hauling, unloading, displays, ground work, and so much more.  The workday was productive as always from work on Ten, running diesel forty, D6, D8, work on pull grader, painting, grading, 3 separate crane lifts at park, work on the feature on our end of the Furguson Bros. Bucyrus 41B Steam Dragline, and so much more.  This year the progress of each day has been tremendous and it will show! We are thankful to have received some eager new members this year to  jump in and work on equipment and join the club!  Thank you to everyone for all the support for the show ahead!  We will see you at the show!

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On July 17th, 2021 Chapter 4 gathered to perform maintenance on equipment and grounds for the upcoming show.  Some work was some continued work on the Diesel Forty, Caterpillar Ten, 955H, Bantam excavator, week control, installed a flag pole, placed things from woods back to open field, and planning for some preventive building work.  We have been active in planning additional work days this year for members to get involved and do work  after the idle time of equipment of last year.  If you were not able to join us the next work day will be July 31st, 2021 from 9am till we had our fill.  Thank you for all that came out to the park for your help!

Chapter 4 gathered to perform maintenance on equipment and grounds work for the upcoming show.  Many things were completed along with building a pad and setting up a working display of equipment in the Rock and Dirt area.  Next work day will be Saturday August 14th, 2021 from 9am to ?.DSC01336

Several members of the chapter met for a work day to get things ready for the upcoming Labor Day weekend show.  During this time much needed work was done on equipment that has sat for to long and needed some attention and some finally started as much needed work has been done since the last show.  Some work was also done on grounds to minimize work before the show.  Some discuss was had on setup of displays during the show.  It was a good productive day and much work till do at home for the next work day July 17th 9am to ? and TBD July 18th, 2021.  

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