Chapter Thirty

Milang Classic Crawler Club

Trevor Scott, President

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Phone: 61499 329244

Nick Humphris, Secretary

Phone: 61420 299 768

We come together with families and friends at events, socialize, share our caterpillar tractors and stories, and have our meetings over a meal.


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What's Happening

2022 National Show update

There has been much discussion between ACMOC leadership and the show organizers with Chapter 9. It has been agreed that we all have a concern with this show location not being an existing show with its own existing attendees and infrastructure. This leads us to another agreed upon concern that the necessary spectator number needed to make this show a success might not be feasible. Shows are expensive to put on and that, coupled with today’s raising costs, ACMOC, Chapter 9 and the show organizers in Laramie, WY have all agreed that it is best to forgo a National Show in 2022. This however does not mean that the opportunity to visit Chad Enyeart's place and his collection in Laramie is gone. We will have a member’s event at Chad’s place in the future.  We wish to share this with the membership so that you have time to cancel any travel plans that you may have already arranged. We are very sorry to announce this, but we feel this is what's best for the club during these challenging times.

2022 Legendary Equipment Calendar

Update-December 20, 2021......We are happty to share that the 2022 Legendary Equipment Calendars have arrived at the US office and are shipping out as quickly as possible if you have ordered directly from the website store.    


Our First Club Crawler

  Thanks to the generosity of Peter Squire from Bordertown for donating his Caterpillar Twenty Two to Chapter 30.

  This was Peter's first Caterpillar that he purchased at a clearing sale in Balaklava on 30 April 1958.

  It was the beginning of a very extensive collection and very special to Peter.


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Grant on Chapter 30's Twenty Two

Peter and his 22

Peter Squire and his Twenty Two - 22 Nov 21

Eyre Peninsula

On 22 Oct a few members were fortunate to view an extensive private collection.

Simon Sams Compressed

Imported D9 compressed

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